Best Practices for Protecting Yourself from Explosions and Fires

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Our 5 Best Practices

For more than 15 years, we have been helping industry prevent explosion hazards.

Here is the benefit of our experience in this field: our best advice on how to protect yourself effectively from explosions and fires.

This is the starting point for managing the safety of your installations. It is about determining all of the parameters of your situation: regulatory compliance, risks of smouldering fires, fires and explosions. With this analysis you will have all the cards in hand for adopting best practices and taking good decisions.

Having total control over your procedures helps to prevent risks and detect possible dysfunctions. If there is a problem you will have more time to deal with it. You can avoid having a risk escalate into a real danger.

This practice is essential to protect your employees from the risks of fires and explosions. Dust clouds can catch fire, setting off an explosion capable of injuring your teams and damaging your equipment. Poor plant cleaning is generally the cause of multiple explosions and the most devastating accidents.

These people are the front line. They are in direct contact with the combustible residues that they must clean. To ensure their safety, training on the risks associated with combustible dust is strongly recommended.

Processes evolve, production increases, the process adjusts, but generally the industrial ventilation/dust control systems do not follow. There comes a time when the performance of the system becomes so mediocre that it no longer complies with regulatory requirements. Something needs to be done! Often, the equipment is not obsolete (ventilators, purifiers, etc.). It is the duct network that is often out of date. As more and more collection points are added, the initial capacity of the system becomes far too diluted to function adequately. At that point the whole system must be reviewed and updated.

Protect yourself from risks of fire and explosions! Contact us or consult our Q&A page, where you can learn more about our solutions adapted to your needs that are fully compliant with the applicable safety standards.

Some industrial processes generate combustible residues, which can cause explosions or fires that have devastating consequences for your company. How can you protect yourself?

Combustible Particles: A Threat to Your Plant

These explosive particles accumulate on your beams, columns, walkways and ventilation ducts, close to your equipment. They represent a serious threat to your employees and your installations.

The industrial catastrophes they can cause have consequences as dramatic as they are unforeseeable. It is vital to reduce the risks at the source.