Combustible dust explosion protection

Ensure the safety of your employees, your equipment and your buildings against the risks of fire and explosion.

Industrial processes often emit combustible or explosive dusts, gases or vapours. No matter what the industry, this is a factor which must be managed at all times to prevent fires and explosions.

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Our services in explosion protection

Onsite, our team of engineers performs an audit of your situation. This can include a risk analysis, an explosiveness test, or a compliance analysis of your equipment and safety measures. We determine what are the dangers faced by your teams and propose the best possible solutions.
Expertise in explosiveness
The cumulative experience of our engineers allows a rapid diagnosis of the major challenges of your processes and your installations. The solutions developed with you will be adapted to your particularities.
Risk analysis
Government authorities and most insurers will ask you for a Dust hazard analysis (DHA). This analysis makes it possible to identify the risks and put in place an action plan to reduce them to an acceptable level.
Only a competent professional, with sufficient knowledge and having rigorously inspected the equipment, the procedures and all the installations is able to produce this document.
Renowned for several decades for its expertise, Beaulier is also a recognized trainer in the industrial sector in terms of these fields of expertise.

Pass on our know-how in industrial ventilation and protection against fires and explosions to your operators, technicians and managers. The benefits are many, including the acquisition of relevant knowledge for greater efficiency and increased risk management.

Our trainers are themselves engineers and consultants who have a deep understanding of your requirements and concerns. Indeed, they have been navigating the industry for several years and leading training courses!

They are therefore the best resources to train the key elements of your teams in the most recent security and technical standards.

Our training courses are given in public form (open to all) or in private form. In order to avoid expensive travel and hotel expenses, it is sometimes preferable for the teacher to travel!

Protection that complies with safety regulations, norms et standards.

To ensure a safe work environment, regulations, norms and standards must be applied, such as:


the National Fire Code


the Regulation respecting occupational health and safety


National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards

You can find out more about these standards by consulting the NFPA’s list of codes and standards or by visiting the site of the National Fire protection Association (NFPA) of the United States.

Protect your employees, your plant and your equipment with the help of our solid expertise in the field of fire and explosion safety. The CSST, insurance companies and fire departments have recognized the quality and reliability of our services and advice.

Our fields of expertise

Industrial process safety
Safety analysis
Technical audit
Detection and protection measures
Laboratory analysis of explosive dust (Kst, Pmax)
Emergency procedures
Risk analysis
Classification of electrical equipment
Blast doors and vents