Since 1978, we have improved quality of life in industries by focusing on air quality.

Who is Beaulier?

We are a consulting engineering company specialized in industrial ventilation and fire and explosion protection. Whatever your industry, we can provide innovative solutions adapted to your particular needs.

Engineers Protecting Industrial Workers

Working in industrial sites sometimes means being confronted with all sorts of contaminating or flammable substances. Between dust, vapours or gases, the risks are many and unforeseeable.

However, your safety should not be a random factor. It must be assured by optimal air quality and strict controls on the risks of explosions and fires.

In short, we work to ensure that your health and safety are not left to chance.

Engineers improving productivity

Some processes require adequate ventilation to achieve high performance. Hot environments are counter-productive for workers. Approaches to ventilation developed in collaboration with the customer generate improved productivity from both the process and its acceptance.

Our approaches therefore match your requirements as well as those of the process.


Beaulier: Air engineering

We advise you and guide you in designing or optimizing your industrial ventilation system and your fire and explosion protection measures.

Our varied range of services reflects  our expertise in this field. We offer solutions that are adapted to all of your projects: technical audits, reports, plans and specifications, onsite supervision of installations, etc.

Our professionalism comes from our constant care to improve our knowledge. Our ingenuity arises from our desire to constantly refine our technical and management skills, to work both efficiently and effectively!

Just contact us to begin the personalized process of advice and support that distinguishes our company.

Beaulier is also:

  • 37 years of good advice and effective outcomes.
  • 10 skilled and motivated experts to support you in your projects.
  • 15 years of innovation in protecting workers and processes from fire and explosion.
  • 1 experienced consulting engineering company at your service.