Industrial Ventilation and Dust Control

Purify the air in your plant and your processes by using our know-how in industrial ventilation, for a healthy and safe quality of air at work.

Working in a healthy environment improves the productivity of your employees. It is difficult, even impossible, to give your best in an environment degraded by heat, fumes, dust, vapours or gases. Air contamination and these unsanitary and unpleasant related conditions need to be prevented.

In some processes, it is also difficult to do your best work when there is excessive dust present.

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Our industrial ventilation and dust removal services

We will first do an analysis to determine the sources of emissions in your plant. This step includes careful control of key points such as process equipment, handling and related operations.

We then propose solutions that match your needs: paint rooms, hoods, general ventilation, purification, etc.

In short, we optimize your ventilation systems by proposing concepts adapted to your requirements and needs.

The cumulative experience of our engineers allows a rapid diagnosis of the major challenges of your processes and your installations. The solutions developed with you will be adapted to your particularities.
Attestation of Conformity
With all of your installations completed, the building authority, government authorities and most insurers will ask you for a certificate of compliance. This certificate is a document which confirms that the work carried out complies with the contractual documents and the objectives of the project.

Only a competent professional, having sufficient knowledge and having rigorously inspected the work is able to produce this document. This document will rule on the scope of the monitoring carried out and will lay down conditions for compliance.

Renowned for several decades for its expertise, Beaulier is also a recognized trainer in the industrial sector in terms of these fields of expertise.

Pass on our know-how in industrial ventilation and protection against fires and explosions to your operators, technicians and managers. The benefits are many, including the acquisition of relevant knowledge for greater efficiency and increased risk management.

Our trainers are themselves engineers and consultants who have a deep understanding of your requirements and concerns. Indeed, they have been navigating the industry for several years and leading training courses!

They are therefore the best resources to train the key elements of your teams in the most recent security and technical standards.

Our training courses are given in public form (open to all) or in private form. In order to avoid expensive travel and hotel expenses, it is sometimes preferable for the teacher to travel!

Our fields of expertise

General ventilation
Dust control
Hood/Local capture
Process ventilation
Heat stress control
Paint rooms
Air purification before atmospheric emission
Ventilated booths