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Our expertise in air engineering and the safety of industrial processes covers three fields. We also offer training for your operators, managers and technicians.


Clean your emissions and your processes and reduce environmental pollution.

Does your plant emit fumes, dust, mists, vapours or gases which pollute the atmosphere?

These contaminants are often disagreeable for your workers and your neighbours. Sometimes, they may prove toxic. This is why they must be given proper treatment.

We will determine the amount of emissions from your plant and model their atmospheric dispersion. This technique lets us localize the weaknesses in your purifying system, and propose intelligent solutions that are adapted to your situation.

Let your company have the benefit of our expertise in air quality. You will at the same time contribute to environmental protection!

Our fields of expertise:

  • Air treatment for atmospheric pollution control
  • Atmospheric dispersion
  • Odor and dust control

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Cheminee environnement

Industrial Ventilation and Dust Control

Working in a healthy environment improves the productivity of your employees. It is difficult, even impossible, to give your best in an environment degraded by heat, fumes, dust, vapours or gases. Air contamination and these unsanitary and unpleasant related conditions need to be prevented.

In some processes, it is also difficult to do your best work when there is excessive dust present.

We will first do an analysis to determine the sources of emissions in your plant. This step includes careful control of key points such as process equipment, handling and related operations.

We then propose solutions that match your needs: paint rooms, hoods, general ventilation, purification, etc.

In short, we optimize your ventilation systems by proposing concepts adapted to your requirements and needs.

Purify the air in your plant and your processes by using our expertise in industrial ventilation, for a healthy and safe quality of life at the workplace.

Our services:

  • Preliminary engineering (initial analysis, estimate to 30% accuracy)
  • Detailed engineering (plans and specifications, estimate to 10% accuracy)
  • Expertise
  • Certificate of compliance
  • Training

Our fields of expertise:

  • General ventilation
  • Dust control
  • Hood/Local capture
  • Process ventilation
  • Heat stress control
  • Air purification before atmospheric emission
  • Paint rooms
  • Ventilated booths

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Fire and Explosion Protection

Ensure the safety of your employees, your equipment and your buildings against the risks of fire and explosion.

Industrial processes often emit combustible or explosive dusts, gases or vapours. No matter what the industry, this is a factor which must be managed at all times to prevent fires and explosions.

Onsite, our team of engineers performs an audit of your situation. This can include a risk analysis, an explosiveness test, or a compliance analysis of your equipment and safety measures. We determine what are the dangers faced by your teams and propose the best possible solutions.

Protection that complies with safety regulations, norms and standards

To ensure a safe work environment, regulations, norms and standards must be applied, such as:

  • the National Fire Code
  • the Regulation respecting occupational health and safety
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards

You can find out more about these standards by consulting the NFPA’s list of codes and standards or by visiting the site of the National Fire protection Association (NFPA) of the United States.

Protect your employees, your plant and your equipment with the help of our solid expertise in the field of fire and explosion safety. The CSST, insurance companies and fire departments have recognized the quality and reliability of our services and advice.

Our services:

  • Preliminary engineering (initial analysis, estimate to 30% accuracy)
  • Detailed engineering (plans and specifications, estimate to 10% accuracy)
  • Expertise
  • Certificate of compliance
  • Training

Our fields of expertise:

  • Industrial process safety
  • Safety analysis
  • Technical audit
  • Detection and protection measures
  • Laboratory analysis of explosive dust (Kst, Pmax)
  • Emergency procedures
  • Risk analysis
  • Classification of electrical equipment
  • Blast doors and vents

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Train your operators, technicians and managers to get the benefit of our know-how in industrial air engineering and fire and explosion protection. You will gain greater efficiency and better risk management.

Our trainers are themselves engineers and consultants who have a good understanding of your requirements and your concerns. They have been working in industry and providing training for many years!

They are therefore your best resource for training key members of your teams on the latest safety standards and techniques.

Our trainings are offered in a public (open to all) or private format. To avoid travel and related expenses, sometimes you may prefer to have the training come to you!

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