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The processes of the manufacturing, the processing, the transportation and the storage of metal powders present combustion risks that must be properly managed. Buildings and equipments (elevators, conveyors, silos, dust collectors) are secured to ensure the protection of workers and the factory; fugitive emissions must be controlled to reduce dust and eliminate the risk of a second explosion.


  • Diagnosis of explosion safety and regulatory compliance of equipment and existing buildings
  • Indoor explosion protection of selected equipment of the process
  • Proposal of security solutions and procedures to implement
  • Risk management associated with combustible dust

Challenge Resolved

Solutions designed for the installation of factory work and modifications during the annual shutdown (short) and without hot work | Management of explosion risks for equipment located inside buildings | Installation of explosion safety equipment in very congested areas | Compliance with NFPA standards and regulations SST Quebec (ROHS)

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Professional Services

Risk analysis | Determination of the explosive characteristics in the laboratory (P max, Kst, CME, MIE, LOC, etc.) | Preliminary security solutions including the prevention of ignition sources, the MALT, detection / interception and chemical extinction, inert gas injection ( “inerting”) and flameless venting | Electrical Classification | Management of dust factory (housekeeping, leakage control, dust) | Budget estimates | Action plan

Detailed design of the explosion protections | Plans and specifications | Planning | Management of tender | Technical support (construction and commissioning) | Attestation of Conformity (completion)