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Explosion prevention | Audits of plants



The manufacturing of dairy products involves the use of powders (whey, skim milk) through drying processes, sieving and conveying. These powders and dust (fines) that are generated are combustible and explosive. Production equipment, treatment and dust removal must be adequately secured against fire and explosion; fugitive emissions must be controlled to reduce dust and eliminate the risk of a second explosion (dust explosion).


  • Explosion safety diagnosis of the equipments and existing buildings; proposition of security solutions and procedures to implement
  • Risk management associated with combustible dust
  • Setting of electrical classification conditions (plants)

Challenges Resolved

Control explosive hazards in the plant (combustible dusts)

Prioritization of actions to be implemented for setting the security level (buildings and equipments) | Compliance with current regulations (ROHS, NFPA)

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Professional Services

Complete factory review | Objective assessment of the real situation and procedures in place | Risk analysis | Electrical Classification | Diagnosis of compliance | Fire and  explosion security solutions | Managing dust (housekeeping, leakage control, dust removal) | Prior budget estimates | Action plan